Avery Campbell

Eight Questions about Failure To Launch, Answered

By Avery Campbell / July 28, 2022

Whether you choose to call it Failure to Launch or Peter Pan syndrome, it’s a phenomenon that describes the young adult struggle or failure to make it through the transition to adulthood. When young adults fail to leave the nest, discontinue their education or get a job, and remain reliant on their parents for most…

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Students having summer campfire

Ten Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Gap Year Programs

By Avery Campbell / June 28, 2022

Deciding whether to take a gap year can be complicated and stressful. Many young adults experience overwhelming pressure from society and often well-meaning friends and family to go right from high school to a college or university, only to immediately begin a traditional career. For an increasing number of individuals who might not feel quite…

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Student running

Three Simple Ways to Incorporate Movement into Your Life

By Avery Campbell / January 20, 2022

At any given moment, countless people all over the world make a promise to themselves to begin prioritizing fitness and health moving forward. Unfortunately, they often do so by setting lofty goals accompanied by rigid, restrictive ways of achieving them. On top of that, these so-called goals are often dictated by unreliable sources.  When it…

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