Greg Ostler

Struggling with difficult family relationship dynamics? You could be part of an enmeshed family.

By Greg Ostler / March 12, 2021

What is enmeshment? Enmeshment is a psychological concept that describes relationships between two or more family members with unclear personal boundaries, often leading to deep emotional pain. Many people don’t realize that they are part of an enmeshed family because it is almost always unintentional. People do realize the deep emotional pain that exists within…

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How to have a healthier relationship with your phone

By Greg Ostler / February 17, 2021

Independence and life as an emerging adult is full of challenges, and there is one constant that remains: technology.  Cell phones are not going away, and technology is taking over our time and attention. Excessive phone use is a problem for many people, both as an addiction and as an impulse control issue. Whether you…

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The 12 Must-Read Books for Parents of Young Adults

By Greg Ostler / February 4, 2021

The key to forming long-lasting relationships with your adult children comes down to something very simple: understanding. Understanding your adult children will open doors to critical conversations and will convey the love and support you want to provide, which your young adult craves. All of us, no matter the age, struggle to connect with others…

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