Our Clinical Approach is proven to launch young adult women toward independence

Clinical Model

Skyterra Embrace is an individualized therapeutic program that uses a wellness model to guide young adult women toward a more positive relationship with themselves. All young adults deserve to live fully and find self-worth as they discover who they want to become.

Embrace empowers young women to thrive in their independence through a consistent routine, prioritizing mental health, healthy relationships and adventure.

Individualized Therapeutic Program

Consistent routine

  • Healthy habits and structured schedule

  • Time management ownership and responsibility

  • Intentional activities with therapeutic purpose

  • Individual and group programming

Private and group therapy

  • Identifying strengths and barriers

  • Goal-setting and accountability

  • Communication and conflict resolution skill development

  • Increased distress tolerance

  • Opportunities to learn and practice emotional regulation strategies

  • Increased emotional fluency

  • Community resiliency

  • Processing past behaviors, thoughts, experiences


  • In-the-moment feedback from all staff members

  • Opportunities to change in-the-moment natural responses, challenging maladaptive core beliefs

  • Opportunities to practice new patterns of behavior

  • Challenge by choice

Embrace students practice prioritizing mental health as they participate in individual and group therapy sessions. They experience personal growth within the structure, routine, and emotional safety of our wellness community.

Wellness is at the center of the Skyterra philosophy and is the foundation of Embrace. Wellness is an expression of mind and body and happens when everything flows toward optimal health and happiness. Above all, wellness is a proactive process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more fulfilling life. Without wellness, it is difficult to enjoy life. Embrace students thrive when taking steps toward wellness.

Wellness at Embrace includes weekly progressive movement classes, nutrition education group, culinary skills group, fitness education group, life skills group, multiple off-site hikes and outdoor recreation, a dietitian-led grocery store trip, and community dinner. Overnight excursions and adventure activities help Embrace students challenge themselves and build resilience.

Our experts help you find your path in life.

Our team of licensed mental health clinicians work with young adult women who are experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral challenges, including:

Our clinical approach is informed by:

Our clinical team works with Embrace families to address family dynamics during weekly parent coaching calls. Embrace parents learn skills and strategies for parenting a young adult with social, emotional, or behavioral health challenges.

Embrace clinicians facilitate family therapy during the parent program, where families come together to build credibility within their relationships and solidify strategies to support the therapeutic gains the student makes during their stay at Embrace.

Pillars of Wellness

Embrace is part of Skyterra Wellness Retreat, which makes a difference in people's lives using the same pillars of wellness.