Free Webinar series at Skyterra Embrace

December: How to Reset Your Relationship With Food

Thursday, Dec. 9 at noon Eastern time

Elyssa Patillo, RDN, BS, MHS, Skyterra Embrace’s Registered Dietitian, will take you through the approach to nutrition that students learn at Embrace. With a focus on health rather than weight and listening to our bodies’s cues, see how Embrace helps students reframe their relationship with food. It is through healthy habits and education that young adult students are able to gain independence from their struggles with body image and food.

January: Your Challenge, Your Choice

Thursday, Jan. 6 at noon Eastern time

Join Executive Director Greg Ostler, LCSW, LCAS, and Program Director, Emma Mooney, BS, as they explain how Skyterra Embrace challenges young adults to grow into their independence. Greg and Emma bring their experience from wilderness therapy to Embrace’s unique model of Therapeutic Wellness to help students tap into their own strengths and gain the skills needed to launch into fulfilling young adult lives.