Independent living: Thriving outside of the nest

The comforts of home keep many young adults from leaving the nest. Responsibility doesn’t exist, there are no bills to pay or schedules to follow. There is no stress or anxiety from going to college, dealing with roommates, finding a job, or deciding what other paths to take in life. There’s too much pressure in the world so home is the best place to be. It is a place to escape, isolate and withdraw.

Family support is always there and everything else can be avoided to keep anxiety levels low. It would be exhausting to try to make friends and keep plans. At home, needs are taken care of. The food is provided, laundry is done and there is internet for tv and scrolling on social media. Even if leaving was a good decision, there’s nowhere to really start in the process of “adulting.” It would take too much work to try to figure it out.

Does this sound like someone you know? It could be your family member or even your young adult. Parents try hard to give their children a good life and a home that their family can enjoy. Despite their best intentions, parents can have a hard time getting their young adult to leave the nest. Time goes by and things do not get better. Young adults should want to thrive independently, right? Not always.

When to seek help

There comes a time when parents recognize that their young adult needs help in order to thrive outside of the nest. Parents become concerned about the future of their child and want nothing more than to see them thrive in their own skin. When a young adult has the potential to live independently but lacks direction or doesn’t know where to start, Skyterra Embrace can be the guiding light. 

Who we are

Skyterra Embrace equips young women ages 18-29 with the resources and skills to discover their path in life. From college and career planning to interview preparation and communication skills, our experts empower students to become the best version of themselves. With a focus on overall wellness, students work in the kitchen to make healthy, nutritious meals and enjoy many recreational opportunities. Our structured program helps students gain time management skills and prioritize tasks. 

Although students have been distracted from pursuing their purpose because of environmental stressors, we work with them to identify the root cause of their problem and navigate it together. The cause of their lack of independence may be stress, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, social awkwardness, trauma, family dynamics, fear, or something else.

We understand that the pressures of life can be overwhelming and we believe that everyone deserves to have a fulfilling life. It takes a lot of work to bridge that gap, but each student is worth the effort it takes to help them transition into independence. Embrace creates opportunity for growth and development through increasing confidence and aptitude. Through this process, students learn to take back their life and identity and reach their full potential. Our expert team teaches resilience and determination so that students can persist through difficult times. 

Through the Embrace program, students will develop communication and interpersonal relationship skills that will help them live independently. Students will also demonstrate self-sufficiency and freedom in application of tools to process, manage and experience life’s complexities. Students are challenged to think in new ways and experience levels of responsibility that they may have never had to handle. The confusion that comes with many of life’s experiences can be navigated through diligent and purposeful education and coaching and allowing students to create their own future. 

While each student is different with varying past experiences and individual needs, they will work together to explore their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The environment of the Embrace program allows students to make their own decisions and experience the natural consequences of those decisions. Embrace is a safe place for students to learn from their mistakes and see the benefits of making healthy decisions. 

Successful independent living

When a young adult is able to successfully live independently, they have clear direction and goals surrounding academics and their career, they desire to grow personally, and they have healthy interpersonal relationships. In order to be successfully independent, young adults need to be able to hold a steady job, manage their money, and understand the importance of overall wellness. Through the Skyterra Embrace wellness program, successful independent living is possible for your young adult!

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Greg (MSW, LCSW, LCAS) is the Executive Director of Skyterra Embrace. Through his work with people living with trauma, attachment, substance abuse and addiction, and other mental health difficulties, Greg enjoys creating opportunities to encourage growth and development. For more information on Embrace, click here.