Attachment disorders often linger for young adults

Childhood attachment disorders can cause chaos for young adults. Find help at the therapeutic program at Skyterra Embrace.

The challenge

Attachment disorders can cause chaos for young adults.

As young adults grow, they develop their own attachment style, mostly based on the attachment behaviors they learned as a child. The attachment style developed can have a huge impact on how young adults form relationships as adults. Attachment disorders are conditions that cause people to have a hard time connecting and forming meaningful relationships with others.

Attachment disorders are typically diagnosed in children ages nine months to five years and show through behaviors such as crying, searching and holding on to their parent to prevent separation. Attachment theory was developed while studying why babies become so upset when they are separated from a parent. The theory involves the way people form intimate and emotional bonds with others.

Attachment styles developed in early childhood affect overall happiness as an adult. A young adult who did not have their needs met as a child may have an insecure attachment style and find it hard to form intimate bonds with others as an adult. They may also have a hard time trusting people that are close to them.

Various insecure attachment styles in adults result in:

  • An increased need to feel wanted
  • A hard time depending on people close to them
  • Jealousy
  • Perfectionism
  • Intense anger
  • Frequent reassurance needed to know they are cared about
  • Preference to isolate
  • Over-inflated view of self
  • Worry that getting close to others will make them less independent
  • Fear they are not good enough for their desired relationships
  • “Revolving door” of romantic relationships
  • Conflicting feelings about relationships
  • Desire to have romantic relationships but fear hurt and abandonment.

Ultimately, young adults who are unable to connect with others and form meaningful relationships can result in depression, anxiety, addiction and/or an eating disorder.

The solution

Navigating attachment disorders: there is hope

Young adults are not able to change the attachment behaviors developed as a child, but are able to work toward secure attachments. Young adults should work to learn more about why they feel and think the way that they do. This work is typically the most effective when done with a therapist.

Therapists help young adults unpack their childhood experiences, identify patterns that exist in current relationships, and develop new ways of connecting with others. It is important for young adults to be as open and honest as possible with their therapist. When a therapist is able to understand a young adult, they are able to plan the best course of treatment.

Since every situation is unique, our program at Skyterra Embrace helps young adults tackle attachment issues individually.

The results

Break through attachment issues to find security

Healthy attachments in various types of relationships are vital to young adult mental health and stability. Young adults should feel secure in their relationships. Working with a therapist to develop healthy emotional relationships will help young adults be happier and improve their quality of life. Connecting with others to form meaningful relationships wards off depression and anxiety, addiction and eating disorders.

At Skyterra Embrace, students learn healthy ways to express themselves, incorporate daily physical activity to positively impact mood, and apply vital self-care and stress-management techniques. They are mindful about their nutrition, which influences mood and energy levels. Our therapeutic program encompasses yoga, fitness, nutrition, recreation and education classes.

The professionals at Skyterra Embrace help young adults who struggle with attachment disorders

Our expert team of therapists addresses the spectrum of lifestyle stressors that result from attachment disorder. Within our small, intimate program, students who have traditionally experienced difficulty relating to others openly express themselves and develop trusting relationships with others.

A variety of young women ages 18 to 29 have benefited from the Embrace program. Students of different fitness levels, mental, and emotional health have attended Embrace. Young adult women who are struggling with depression and anxiety, looking to gain life skills and healthy habits, trying to find purpose, exhibiting low self-confidence, lacking direction, etc. are welcome. Embrace is a safe, secure, and welcome environment where staff members provide personalized attention and guidance for the areas where students need help.

The professionals at Skyterra Embrace have more than 30 years of therapeutic program experience, specializing in the transition to adulthood. Before a student attends Embrace, our experts meet with students to determine their personal goals and needs, then create a personalized schedule just for them. No matter where students are on their journey, they are well supported and never judged.

We want young women to embrace adulthood with a healthy mind, body and spirit. The Embrace program offers a wide array of yoga, fitness, nutrition, recreation and education classes to bolster the health and wellness journey of our students. The Embrace program teaches students how to plan for and live out the vision for their future, creating a smooth transition from Skyterra to everyday life.

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