Wilderness Therapy and Therapeutic Wellness: Change and Growth for Young Adult Women

Find independence • Become more confident • Improve your health

Wilderness Therapy and Therapeutic Wellness: Change and Growth for Young Adult Women

Find independence • Become more confident • Improve your health

How to Find the Right Therapeutic Program for Young Adult Women

  • Is your daughter feeling stuck?
  • Does she struggle with anxiety and depression?
  • Looking to help her take the next step toward a healthy life?

Our experts help you find your path in life.

Similarities between Therapeutic Wellness at Skyterra Embrace and Wilderness Therapy

Benefits of nature

Nature provides an experience of retreat, mindfulness and reflection, and has many individualized therapeutic benefits.

Group format

When young adults participate in the same experiences, growth happens in an organic way while building healthy relationships and interpersonal skills.

Therapeutic component

Structured schedules and coaching help support the therapeutic process for students in both programs.

Differences between Therapeutic Wellness at Skyterra Embrace and Wilderness Therapy

Skill development

  • Skyterra Embrace: Skills gained are directly applicable to life and include long-lasting benefits in mind, body and spirit.
  • Wilderness Therapy: Skills developed through experiences in the wilderness are applicable to home. The difference is that at Embrace, students practice those skills in a real-world setting with the support of the Embrace team to help navigate difficulties.

Program setting

  • Skyterra Embrace: Takes place on a 12-acre mountain-top campus near Asheville, N.C. The home-like environment keeps students separated from social pressures and distractions. Students participate in many off-campus activities including:
    • Hiking, swimming, paddleboarding
    • Community dinner outings
    • Service activities
    • Excursions and other adventures.
  • Wilderness Therapy: Students live fully outdoors in a remote, small-group lifestyle and are either nomadic or have a base camp. There is a complete removal from everyday life, comforts of home, triggers, and unhealthy coping mechanisms like peers, technology and substance abuse.

Program design

  • Skyterra Embrace: A welcoming and caring environment for young women ages 18 to 29. Students participate in an active process of transformation to live healthy and valued lives.
  • Wilderness Therapy: Co-ed groups of young adults learn to survive in unfamiliar, remote environments. Students regularly face challenging experiences and hardships that are intended to teach personal growth and grit.

What our students are saying

The expert team at Skyterra Embrace has more than 30 years of therapeutic program experience specializing in the transition to adulthood. Embrace is part of Skyterra Wellness Retreat, which has already earned several accolades since its opening in 2016, including being named as USA Today’s top three wellness retreats in the country for the past three years.

After Embrace, Libby feels strong, confident

Embrace nourished Margaret's body, mind and soul

Next Steps: How to Find the Right Program for Your Young Adult Daughter

Is wilderness therapy the right therapeutic program for your young adult daughter?

At Skyterra Embrace, we often hear from parents who are seeking expert help for a wide range of difficulties and levels of care for their struggling young adult daughter. These challenges are commonly social, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties that hinder young adult women from launching into a healthy and productive life. As parents work to determine the best program for their young adult daughter, one thing is certain: the program design must fit their daughter’s individual needs.

If you’re looking for resources for your young adult daughter, click here for an expert guide that provides information about the programs available for various levels of care.

The Next Step: What Comes After Wilderness Therapy?

After completing wilderness therapy, many young adult women turn to the therapeutic wellness program at Skyterra Embrace to continue their journey toward a healthy mind, body and spirit. In our program, young adult women build upon the skills and resiliency gained through wilderness therapy, receiving assistance with additional areas of need, including social, emotional, and/or behavioral. The end goal is to help launch these young adult women into a healthy and productive life.

For more information about why many parents turn to Skyterra Embrace as the next step after wilderness therapy, click here.

Here's how to do it:

You deserve to feel confident


What is Embrace?

Embrace is a wellness program designed to help young adults become the heroes of their stories. Embrace challenges the ways in which young women have been held back from opportunity and achievement as a result of not knowing how to apply an active role in their lives.

Embrace helps women ages 18-29 increase their confidence in and understanding of all areas of wellness, and arms them with a long-term commitment to themselves. The long-term outcome is that students change their life forever by joining Embrace.

As an Embrace student, you'll establish intention and purpose in independence through private therapy and coaching, structured classes, and hands-on integration of healthy life skills.


Your future is our mission.

Embrace is a specialized program for young women that focuses on total body, mind and lifestyle. We want our young women to move well, eat nourishing foods, and embrace adulthood with a healthy mind, body and spirit. Embrace students focus on improving health, and on learning techniques and strategies to improve their quality of life for the long run.

Our view of health and wellness emphasizes managing stress, consistent movement, and eating balanced meals, plus plenty of nature and adventure. As an Embrace student, you'll cultivate resiliency by learning the most nourishing and enjoyable ways to cook, eat, move, and take care of yourself. This empowers and prepares you to take on all of life's responsibilities.

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