Residential program: Life at Embrace

Students and parents often ask what a typical stay is like at Skyterra Embrace. During a stay at our wellness program, women ages 18 to 29 learn tools and strategies they can immediately apply to daily practice. Students explore nutrition, fitness, life skills, and mental health while challenging the ways in which they have been held back from opportunity and achievement. We offer personalized programming and experiential learning.

Our program includes opportunities to establish intention and purpose in independence through private therapy and coaching, group processing and discussion, community service, structured classes, and hands-on integration of healthy life skills. Embrace students will increase their confidence in understanding all areas of wellness and leave with a commitment to themselves and their success, having made a forever change to their lives. 

Sample schedule

Each day begins with breakfast followed by a breathing class. Next, students will transition into a Move Well Fitness class then Goals Accountability Circle. From there, students will attend the Mini Movement class before heading to lunch. After lunch, they will attend Meditation, Therapeutic Class, Independent Focus, a 30-minute inspirational talk then a trail walk. From there, students will attend a weekly planning session, teaching dinner, Mobility and a Community Social. 


Residential programs offer many benefits to the students that attend. As a residential program, Embrace has a 24-hour approach to wellness. The student is able to fully focus on learning and growing. There is adequate time to process the feelings that each student experiences as they prepare to be an independent adult. The active schedule at Embrace helps students stay focused on the things that brought them to the program. Since the program is small, the individual needs of each student are able to be the priority of our experts.

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Greg (MSW, LCSW, LCAS) is the Executive Director of Skyterra Embrace. Through his work with people living with trauma, attachment, substance abuse and addiction, and other mental health difficulties, Greg enjoys creating opportunities to encourage growth and development. For more information on Embrace, click here.