All you need to become more independent

Pillars of the Skyterra Embrace program

Self-Care and Stress Management

Cultivating a resilient mindset is an essential part of lifelong wellness. Embrace provides a structured, supportive environment where students learn to establish goals and push through obstacles, while also managing stress.

Fitness and Mobility

We offer a variety of continually evolving fitness classes that are informed by the latest exercise research. Daily physical activity creates opportunities for growth in mindset and awareness.

Culinary and Nutrition Education

Learn about food preparation, nutrition and culinary skills in a hands-on way. Our Dietitian provides an immersive and educational cooking and dietary experience. You’ll leave Embrace knowing how to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for yourself.

Recreation and Adventure

Recreation helps us thrive. It excites us, brings us closer to nature, and reminds us how to have fun. Nature provides an experience of retreat, mindfulness and reflection while holding a very individualized therapeutic benefit and intention.

Mindfulness and Yoga

Receive the support and guidance you need to develop a deeper mind-body connection. Focus on mindfulness in daily routine and organization, routine development, and planning for success.

Legacy Project

By the end of their stay, all Embrace students will have completed a Legacy Project to implement newfound strengths and capabilities.

At Skyterra Embrace, our mission is to help young adults become the heroes of their stories. During their stay at Embrace, women ages 18 to 29 learn tools and strategies they can immediately apply to daily practice. Embrace students explore nutrition, fitness, life skills, and mental health while challenging the ways in which they have been held back from opportunity and achievement.

Our program includes opportunities to establish intention and purpose in independence through private therapy and coaching, structured classes, and hands-on integration of healthy life skills. Embrace students will increase their confidence in and understanding of all areas of wellness and leave with a commitment to themselves and their success, having made a forever change to their lives.

How does it all come together?