A positive and educational nutrition experience

Discover how delicious food can make you feel better

Your culinary experience at Skyterra Embrace is designed with two goals in mind:

  • To teach you how to prepare and cook your own meals
  • To show you how eating well can improve your health.

During your stay, you'll enjoy nutrient-dense meals without deprivation or restriction. No extremes. Just tasty, balanced and structured meals where we guide you toward lifelong positive eating habits.

Built into every meal at Embrace is time to slow down and gain more awareness. You'll savor every bite with less stress and distraction.

Cooking for yourself doesn’t have to be a chore

Everyday eating is not one-size-fits-all. Embrace offers the following:

  • Nutrition education:

    Building a healthy and positive relationship with food is foundational to your stay at Embrace. Nutrition talks, mindful eating experiences, and grocery shopping education are included in the schedule every week.

  • Post-stay nutrition assistance:

    After your time at Embrace, access signature recipes, educational videos and more to continue taking care of yourself.

  • Personal support

    Anxiety around food? Struggling with sugar dependence? Overwhelmed with a new food intolerance? History of disordered eating or eating behaviors? We can help. Our Registered Dietitian will help you can feel safe and supported.

Eating should be an enjoyable and positive experience

We hear from many Embrace students who are confused, overwhelmed and stressed about what to eat. The pressures of life can often get in the way of figuring out what and when to eat, causing confusion and indecision about how to take care of themselves.

We believe everyone should be able to learn the skills and tools to prepare their own food. That's why we provide a fun and relaxed hands-on experience for students, cultivating healthy habits for life.

The Embrace Dining Room: A No-Judgment Zone

During your stay at Embrace, you’ll learn how to plan for meals that meet your nutritional needs and schedules, how to be more confident in the kitchen, and how to reframe negative thoughts around food.

All dietary needs and intolerances are accommodated. Since good food is a thing to be shared, meals are enjoyed community-style in the dining room, with positive and encouraging conversations around the table.

During your stay, you’ll learn how to recreate your experience beyond what food is prepared. You will learn how to slow down, eat more mindfully and learn how to listen to your body’s cues, including hunger and fullness.

Leave with a doable nutrition plan for home

At the end of your stay, you’ll leave Embrace with tools you need to feel better and more confident about how food can honor your physical and mental health. You’ll learn how to prepare nutrient-dense meals, how to grocery shop, and how to set up mealtimes and patterns for long-term success. You’ll be empowered knowing not only what to do -- but how to make your nutrition work best for you so you feel stronger and more confident in your body.