Therapeutic Wellness

Commitment to Therapy

Your stay at Embrace includes therapist-led groups focused on life skills and stress management and a weekly 90-minute private therapy session. 

During your stay you will be an important member of a small and intimate community. Learn conflict resolution and communication skills that will benefit all of your relationships.

You’ll learn relaxation techniques to help you cope with stress and improve your mental health

Individualized Therapeutic Program

Consistent routine

Private and group therapy

Positive Change

  • In-the-moment feedback from a supportive staff.
  • Opportunities to challenge natural responses, challenging maladaptive core beliefs.
  • Opportunities to practice new patterns of behavior.
  • Expand your comfort zone through challenge by choice.

Wellness Community

Healthy Mind

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Finances and budgeting.
  • Positive body image.
  • Healthy boundaries.
  • Self-worth and confidence.
  • Digital detox.

Meet our Experts

Executive Director

Clinical Director

Primary Therapist

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