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The Embrace Legacy Project: cast off the old and embrace the new

The Embrace Legacy Project is an opportunity to cast off the old and embrace the new. It is an opportunity to leave Embrace with a purpose, and a way to start new after experiencing success.

The Legacy Project is an intentional focus on letting go of old struggles while introducing and implementing newfound strengths and capabilities. It is an experience and a challenge, a rite of passage in the transformation toward independence. Legacy projects allow students to lay plans that drive them to achieve goals and live their best life.

Throughout the Embrace experience, students work on their individual self-selected legacy project. Embrace students brainstorm, create and develop a project or activity that represents their transformation. Legacy is created in the exploring, preparing and sharing of new learned skills.

Receive guidance throughout your journey to secure your legacy

  • Daily scheduled time for independent focus

    Confidence-building and direction-finding carved into the schedule

  • Legacy Project integrated into program

    From day 1, students learn skills that will help build purpose for the project and beyond

  • Each student receives Legacy Journal

    Includes purposeful space for exploration, brainstorming, and habit tracking

  • Regular Group Accountability Circles

    Allows students to reflect on goals, progress, and obstacles experienced during the week, and to explore Legacy Projects with peers to gather insights

Examples of Legacy Projects

Each week, Embrace students meet as a group to share progress on their Legacy Projects, to gather insights, and to demonstrate accountability for the work completed. For each of these, Legacy is included in the exploration, preparation and sharing of new learned skills.

Here are some examples of Legacy Projects:

Self-Care and Stress Management

  • Self-Care Plan: Explore a desired area of focus for growth and development specific to self-care and giving back to you. In collaboration with the Embrace team, construct a self-care plan that fits you, and put it into practice. As you apply your knowledge in your personal life, you gain experience and mastery as you share that knowledge and experience with others.

Fitness and Mobility

  • Group Fitness Instruction: Learn to lead and facilitate group fitness classes. In collaboration with the fitness team, participate in and observe a variety of classes, learn basic movements and techniques, learn the language of coaching, and create a class specific to your needs. At completion, present your newfound skills to the community. 
  • Race Completion: Starting small allows many of us to keep our focus on the goal rather than the distraction of the effort required Create a training plan that will allow for measured achievement, whether the completion of a race. Your plan will be individualized and aimed at gradually progressing toward a 5k (3.1 mile) run over an identified time period. Your personal plan will serve as motivation with specific and manageable expectations.

Culinary and Nutrition

  • Meal Plan and Preparation: Eat what you want, explore meals that will be enjoyable, learn how to make them, and share them with your family and the Embrace community. 
  • Recipe Box: Create a recipe box with personally curated recipes. As students engage in creativity and culinary arts, they'll build knowledge and expertise through application.

Recreation and Adventure 

  • Explore the outdoors and venture into the wilderness: The wilderness is an incredible environment that encourages self-reflection and introspection. The wilderness also holds within it hidden gems that require disconnecting from the world for a time to truly experience. Create an adventure and expedition for yourself and present the transformation through written or video documentation.
  • Documentary Creation: Change is everlasting when it’s sustainable and intentional. Create written or videoed documentation of the transformation you are currently undergoing, with a clearly identified beginning, middle and end. Represent the end as a beginning and use visualization to identify and share your goals and aspirations for the future.
  • Leave a Legacy: Memories are cultivated through hands-on execution of visual creation. Build a piece on the Embrace campus that represents change and transformation. Your creation will remain on display for future generations as role-model tool. 

Yoga and Mindfulness

  • Find space: Slow down, breathe in, and find the space you need to explore your purpose.

Career Preparation 

  • Prepare for your future: Learn executive presence, dressing for success and career path selection.
  • Explore careers: Practice interview skills, complete job applications.

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