Invest in Your Health: Skyterra Embrace Pricing

Our pricing includes everything you'll need for success: all meals, accommodations, airport transportation, and our full structured schedule of classes, lectures and experiences all designed to give you the confidence you deserve.

Women empowered with the tools for success

Skyterra Embrace

$24,000 Eight-Week Program
  • $1000 Enrollment Fee: Transferable, Non-Refundable.
  • With Embrace, our independence-building program for women ages 18-29, you'll finally find the confidence to move forward. Includes lodging, meals and the full Skyterra Embrace program. Minimum stay is two months, and you may stay as long as you'd like.

Embrace signature programming

    • 45+ class offerings each week
    • Daily:
      • Morning walk to get moving in the fresh mountain air
      • Student huddle to reflect, journal and share gratitude to start the day
      • Connect practice: meditation, breathing and stretching
      • Group evening activity
    • Weekly:
      • Community service activity
      • Three progressive fitness classes
      • Three focused therapeutic groups
      • Nutrition education group
      • Fitness education group
      • Culinary skills group
      • Life skills group
      • Three off-site hikes or recreational excursions
      • Dietitian-led grocery store trip
      • Deep cleaning and sanitizing
      • Dinner outing or community dinner
  • Individualized programming
    • Eight-week progressive Legacy Project with guided templates
    • Weekly 60-minute private therapy session
    • Weekly 60-minute alternating personal training session/nutrition consultation
    • Weekly 30-minute personal planning session to plan independent time and the execution of individual goals
    • Individual student participation tracker measures progress and a  biweekly report is shared with parents.
  •  Accountability
    • Small staff to student ratio
    • Assigned coach upon arrival
    • Additional check-ins provided for mental health concerns.